General terms when posting.

In Greenius we are big believers in being kind and behaving with common sense. These are standard rules about posting and participating in our platform:

Stay on topic: this is a gardening platform, please try to stick to this subject.

Don’t spam: you are not allowed to use Greenius to advertise your business.

Love your neighbour: in Greenius we abhor any incitement to hate based on gender, race, religion, nationality, etc.

Be legal: just that, don’t break the law.

Be graceful: please don’t use any hate-speech, or post obscene comments and images (ok, maybe carrots with funny shapes).

Your privacy: use common sense when posting about private information, addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.

Stay on topic! Yes, we know we said that before, but this is the only thing you need to do, really.


Content disclaimer.

Greenius doesn’t necessarily share views and opinions posted by users. You are responsible for what you write and upload to our platform..


You own the copyright of your posts and images, and we won’t use them in any medium for other purposes. You may not use Greenius logo and our brand-related images without our permission. Just ask!.


Greenius is an ad free web app. Also, we won’t share or sell your information to any third party, unless required by law. When you visit Greenius, we collect some information related to your visit through Google Analytics, just for analytical purposes. This information helps us understand how people are using Greenius, so we can improve it..

Greenius goes public.

As of September 2014, Greenius is a public social network, meaning that all profiles are public by default. You can change this and make your profile private by changing your account settings. Making your profile private means that only logged in Greenius users will be able to see your profile and posts. Also, we have made it easy for our users to delete posts or their account altogether. Deleting your posts or your account doesn’t mean that this content has been shared across the internet. So, as always when posting online, be mindful of what you are sharing and uploading..


Greenius uses cookies to enable our servers to recognize your web browser and tell us how and when you use our web app. A cookie is a small amount of information that is stored in your web browser, which may contain information about you and the way you use the internet. If you remove the cookies through your browser settings, Greenius may not work as intended..

Account Deletion and Data Storage.

You are free to delete your account at any time. This will make data you posted unaccessible for the public, and your username available for use for anyone. We keep our data and code on third party systems, which may store backups including your data, even after deleting your account. We may keep backups of data too. Therefore, even when you have deleted your Greenius account, your data may be stored in backups on third party servers or our systems (although not accessible publicly)..

Terms and Privacy policy updates.

Greenius is a work in progress, so we may update our terms of usage and privacy policies according to our evolution. Of course we will let you know if there is a major change in the policies so you can make a decision about staying with us. For any question or feedback, please contact us on Happy gardening! .

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